You do not know Offcourses.net? You have questions about how it works?

Here are some questions / answers that should help you in preparing your shopping for your ski holidays!

1. How happens the delivery ?

The deliverer will call you in the afternoon of delivery day to take an appointment. Generally, the delivery happens between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. The deliverer will give you your order in front of your résidence (downstairs). That's why, it's essential for us to have your correct mobile phone number and you have to be available the saturday afternoon.


For more precision about the hour of delivery, you can call us (+33 4 79 72 38 26) the sunday of your departure from 2 p.m.

2. I'm not arrived in the resort for the delivery .

We try to find a solution to let the boxes in the flat . To do that, we need the agreement of the reception of your residence.

Do not hesitate to warm them of your late arrival and your command Off Courses.

3. How many days before the start can I command ?

For an optimal utilisation of our service, you can command :

   - D-2 for Box

   - D-4 for A la carte Shopping 



Attention for optimal reservation with complete access to all our products , we advise you to order up to D -6 of departure.

4. My arrival date and/or my station are not written in the list.

Contact us info or to +33(0)479 723 826 with adding your wanted date, ski resort, and how many persons you are during your stay, we may could find a solution.

5. How much does the shipping cost?

If your order is < 65€ the shipping cost is 50€

If your order is >65€ and < 100€ the shipping cost is 15€

If your order is >100€ and < 150€ the shipping cost is 5€

If your order is >150€ the delivery is free

6. I'm going to order several Box, will I have any discount ?

The price of every Boxk decreases according to the number of Box ordered. The price displayed is the price of one Box from 5 packs ordered.

7. Price "From" (for Box)

The price of every catering Box decreases according to the number of Box ordered. The price displayed is the price of one Box from 5 packs ordered, all references combined.

8. I'm ordering full Box, how many packs will be delivered ?

Certain Box exist in 1 and 2 people version.

Box for 1 person : 1 grocery box + 1 fresh box.

Box for 2 people : 1 grocery box + 1 or 2 fresh boxes (1 if Simply box, 2 if Premium of Savoy box) (the quantity is proportional for 2, the packing cartons are just bigger!)

If you are, for example 3 people, you will receive 1 Box 2 people + 1 Box 1 person. 

Verify the concordance with your delivery form.

9. I bought my products via my host and he promised a delivery in the flat.

Actually, some hosts ask for a delivery in the flat, and it will be done. Be careful, if the client is already arrived when the delivery is happening, he has to be in the flat to take the delivery of goods.

10. I'm on a special diet, your products are suitable for me ?

Be careful, our proucts can contained nuts, tracks of shellfish and gluten. Some products are stamped vegetarian or halal, they are good for people who generally eat these products.

11. When I'm ordering I don't know the name of my residence, village in the resort which I chose.

It happens frequently, you should call us again, as soon as you have you will know the name of your residence sending an email to commande please remind the date of your stay and delivery number.

12. Box baskets are made up of fresh products?

Every Box are made up of fresh products and products from grocer. A description is available on our site in the part "Product detail" of our Box.

13. The "best before date" is proper for the week?

On every product you can read until when you can eat the product from the day of delivery. Generally, products are good until the end of your stay. However some products are more fragile and they can have shorter "best before date", please eat them at the beginning of your stay.

14. We are a considerable group (more than 15 persons), could you suggest a solution well-adapted for us?

We have solutions well-adapted for groups, please contact us by email adding the date of your stay, resort and hom many you are to service groupes

15. Could I pay by check or by wire money?

To provide a fast and efficient service, it's necessary to simplify the methods of payment . Only the valid orders (after payment by credit card) will be considered.

16. Could I start my shopping today and pursue it later ?

You just have to save your basket, we will ask you an email adress to send you an email. On these email, you will have a link which allow you to pursue your shopping where you let it.

17. May I reuse my list of the last year?

You can find the history of your orders in your customer account on our site.