Sponsorship : advantages for you and your friends !


You have the opportunity to benefit from sponsorship deals on OffCourses.net website.


Your sponsorship code allows you to receive gifts by accumulating points from each order 
placed by your « godsons » which are automatically granted of a discount of 8%. 

At the same time these orders credit your account of "godfather", so that you receive gifts

when receiving your next delivery. 


This discount code can be freely released around you according our General Conditions of Sale.


How it works*

The use of this code by your "godsons" generates points for you so that you have gifts.

If the godson places an order of:

0 to 100€ it generates 2% of points per order. ex : 60€ generate 1 point

100 to 200€ it generates 3% of points

200 to 300€ it generates 4% of points

Beyond 300€ it generates 5% of points what means at least 15 points


My gifts*

Gifts offered to the sponsor according to the points available at the time of delivery:

5 points or less: credit carryforward

6 to 10 points: one tray of Savoyard cheese (Beaufort, Reblochon, Tomme)

11 to 25 points: one bottle of champagne sold on our site.

26 to 50 points: three bottles of wine of Savoy sold on our site

51 to 80 points: 3kg of Nutella

Beyond 81 points: one 4 people flat, for one week, in a ski resort, during the winter period (resort & week chosen by TSI).


(*) Information of October 13, 2016, subject omission and update, have a look to General Conditions of Sale, available hear